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In Roseburg is for people that live here, want to live here or are just coming to visit. This web site is intended to help the newcomers or visitors be able to get around like the people that have lived here all their lives in a very short period of time. It is also great for the area Old Timers so that they can check on what's going on without the need for dozens of bookmarks on their PC or mobile device. Clean, simple, easy to navigate and Loving Roseburg Oregon.

It was developed by myself, a newcomer, moving here to Roseburg in 2012. Moving to a new City or Town is always a learning experience and one that can cost a lot of time and even money learning the ins and outs so to speak. Many places have a Chamber of Commerce approach which essentially means "if you pay to be a member, then your business will be promoted". Unfortunately some of the businesses that are promoted by a Chamber of Commerce really are not worthy of most long time residents simply because "they know better".