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Roseburg Oregon is a lovely smaller city located in the Southern Oregon Umpqua River Valley. With a population of a little over 21 thousand, it still has most of the amenities of the largest cities in Oregon. This web site is for people who want a simple guide for the most popular things going on in Roseburg.

 What's Going on in Roseburg Right Now Weather-wise.

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The best view is this live view of North Roseburg from hillside above the Airport.
(If the photo appears blank, it is probably just fogged in which happens frequently in the winter.)
View of Roseburg Garden Valley Exit at I-5

 Live view of Roseburg at Garden Valley Exit

View of Roseburg Garden Valley Exit at I%

 Roseburg Annual Weather Averages

There are many things to love about Roseburg and the climate is just one of those things. With an elevation of about 500 feet, Roseburg does not receive much, if any snow and perhaps surprising to most, only 33 inches of rain. ( more on weather)