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Going to the movies is always fun and Roseburg still has a very nice Movie Theater in Town to accomodate you. To check out what's playing at the movies, we have three links for you to follow below. The Fandango Link allows you to see more about movies playing everywhere, not just in Roseburg. It also allows for much more information including additional movie trailers and movie reviews, both by audience & Movie Critics.The Roseburg Cinema Website link is strictly information about what movies are playing, no reviews are iincluded. For me, I do use reviews to see if I want to risk spending what is a considerable amount of money on a ticket. We also have a link for you to Rotten Tomatoes, which has reviews for both what is in the theaters as well as for rent.
One other note, the Roseburg Cinemas web site does allow you to buy tickets on-line.

Roseburg Cinemas Links: Fandango Link Roseburg Cinema Website

Roseburg Cinemas
11 Screens
1750 N.W. Hughwood
Roseburg, OR 97470

The Roseburg Cinema initiated a VIP room/theater in 2014 which definitely has more leg room and bigger seats which is quite nice. If it's worth the extra $2.50 is a personal choice. The VIP theater also allows alcoholic drinks (2 maximum) although personally I don't care for alcohol or any other drug use in these types of places.

In case you're looking, Harvard Cinema went out of business in the summer of 2015.