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The mission of the Umpqua Valley Arts Association is to create and foster a climate that supports art appreication, participation and education.
The Umpqua Valley Arts Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to art education, art appreciation, service to artists and art organizations, and to the community. The Arts Association intention is that it has has played a primary role in the cultural development of Douglas County. In 1979, the Arts Association and the City of Roseburg entered into a partnership arrangement to use the buildings in the Fir Grove Section of Stewart Park as a cultural center.
Now, this gorgeous historical building houses six art gallery spaces, a workshop studio, a beautifully stocked gift gallery, a fully equipped kitchen, a full-sized pottery studio, and a new outdoor stage, in addition to staff offices. Groups can rent space for meetings, weddings and other special events. Contact the staff at the Arts Center for details or go to the Facility Rental page to see a picture and rates.
Resident artists and festivals provide a multi-cultural opportunity for county residents, school groups and tourists to experience a variety of programs and activities designed to deepen understanding and expression of the arts. Volunteer support groups assist in the day-to-day general operation, special programs, policy making and public relations.
The Arts Association is supported financially by tuition, sales, rentals, grants, corporate and individual contributions, membership dues and fundraising events like the annual Summer Arts Festival. An endowment program has been established to support and stabilize programs in future years. Support is also provided by the City of Roseburg through outdoor maintenance of buildings as well as numerous in-kind services for activities and programs.
Visit Us! We would love to meet you, let you take a free self guided tour of our six galleries, help you purchase a piece for your collection, connect you with other artists and art lovers, help you host an event in our facility, get you going on an art class and, well, just get you inspired to love the arts in your community!