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The Wildlife Safari which is actually a few miles south of Roseburg at 1790 Safari Rd in Winston, Oregon

Wildlife Safari is a Drive-Thru animal park with the average time of about 1-1/2  hours to drive your own vehicle through this 600 acre park. When you pay for your entrance fee and enter the park you will receive a map of the park  and information to help identify animals.

 **Note on Drive-Thru** All vehicles allowed EXCEPT the following:
                 *No Open Top Vehicles (Convertibles must have tops up at all times)
                 *No Motorcycles
**NO pets in the village or drive through** (kennels available outside the village)

 Why can't they take our pets into the park?

Pets in vehicles can attract the attention of other animals. This could endanger the lives of guests and park personnel, as well as result in damage to vehicles. So, for the safety of everyone, pet kennels are available for visitor's pets.

Park Hours and Admission Cost vary greatly and there are also discounts available from GrouponYou should be made aware that there is additional costs if you do more than just looking at the animals. To clarify, they do have animal encounters where you get close to the animals and in the case of the giraffees, you get to feed the giraffee from the back end of a flat bed truck. It was an entertaining thing to do indeed, but to make you aware it was $15 per person and in my case for the 3 of us it was an additional $45.00

A great place to get up to date information, even more and faster than their own web site is at the Wildlife Safari segment on Facebook. The website has videos and a great deal more than they can afford to keep up with on the main web site.

Wildlife Safari Phone: 541-679-6761