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In Roseburg

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Channel Call sign Network  Notes & links
 4.1 KVAL CBS Rebroadcast of KVAL Eugene
 4.2 this this "this" web site
 9.1 KEZI ABC Rebroadcast of KEZI Eugene
 9.2 MeTV MeTV MeTV web site
 28.1, 28.2 & 28.3 PBS-OPB PBS-OPB Rebroadcast of KEPD, Eugene
 34.1 KLSR FOX Rebroadcast of KLSR, Eugene
 34.2 MyTV MyTV MyTV web site
 46.1 KTCW NBC Rebroadcast of KMTR Eugene
46.2 KMTR The CW The CW Broadcast version of KMTR